Bowen R., Arany P.R.

Use of either transcranial or whole-body photobiomodulation treatments improves COVID-19 brain fog


There is increasing recognition of post-COVID-19 sequelae involving chronic fatigue and brain fog for which Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy has been utilized. This open-label, pilot, human clinical study examined the efficacy of two PBM devices - e.g., a helmet (1070 nm) for transcranial (tPBM); and a light bed (660 and 850 nm) for whole body (wbPBM) over a four-week period, with 12 treatments for two separate groups (n = 7 per group). Subjects were evaluated with a neuropsychological test battery including Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), digit symbol substitution test (DSST), trail-making tests A and B, physical reaction time (PRT); and a quantitative electroencephalography system (WAVi), Pre- and Post- the treatment series. Each device for PBM delivery was associated with significant improvements in cognitive tests (p < 0.05 and beyond). Changes in WAVi supported the findings. This study outlines the benefits of utilizing PBM therapy (transcranial or whole-body) to help treat long COVID brain fog.

Keywords: Brain Fog; COVID-19; LLLT; Photobiomodulation therapy.