Moskvin S.V., Khadartsev A.A.

Basic Techniques of Low Level Laser Therapy

The book describes a modern look at the mechanisms of therapeutic action of low-intensity laser illumination, explaining the high effi ciency and safety of low level laser therapy. Basic techniques of treatment are presented in a simple and understandable form. For more information about the new techniques and the latest research in this fi eld of science and medicine, please refer to our website

New laser therapeutic devices of the “LASMIK” series with unique laser emitting heads are the most effective when implemented by the majority of techniques presented in the book. The book is intended for everyone who uses low level laser therapy in their professional practice.


Moskvin Sergey Vladimirovich – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Leading Researcher of FSBI “State Scientifi c Center of Laser Medicine of FMBA of Russia”, Moscow; e-mail:, 

Khadartsev Aleksandr Agubechirovich – Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honoured science worker of the Russian Federation, Director of the medical institute FSBEI of Higher Education “Tula State University”, Tula; 1464 scientifi c publications, including 93 monographs, 9 inventions, 64 authorship certifi cates and patents; e-mail:, website: 

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