Moskvin S.V., Kochetkov A.V., Askhadulin Е.V., Mitkovskiy V.G.

Low-Level Laser Therapy for COVID-19: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Low-level laser therapy has been successfully used in almost all fields of clinical medicine for more than 50 years. This method is notable for its versatility and high efficiency due to the effect of laser light energy on the basic regulatory mechanisms of the human body, including all phases of the infection process.

Our book substantiates promising approaches to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who suffered coronavirus infection. Specific methods of low-level laser therapy are based on data from the literature and our own clinical experience. Particular attention is paid to the regulation of the immune system and endothelial dysfunction as the root cause of various complications arising from COVID-19 and to the methods of its correction.

Low-level laser therapy, if properly applied, is safe and does not have absolute contraindications or side effects, helping to even out the adverse effects of other treatment methods.

The features of several variants of specific low-level laser therapy techniques used for treatment, rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients, and disease prevention are considered. Emphasis is placed on the complex application of both invasive (intravenous laser blood illumination) and noninvasive techniques (on the projection of internal organs, locally, etc.), as well as the requirements of the current clinical guidelines for laser therapy.

This book is for a wide range of specialists (doctors and nursing staff): rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, clinicians with appropriate training in low-level laser therapy methods, and trainees in continuing medical education and professional development.

References are given in the original in Russian for searching in Russian libraries.


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