Moskvin S.V., Kochetkov A.V.

Effective Techniques of Low Level Laser Therapy

The book includes the best-known techniques developed on the basis of the analysis of Russian and international clinical experience that were proven effective by international criteria and were approved by the Russian professional community (Low level laser therapy in treatment and rehabilitation and prevention programs: clinical recommendations. Moscow, 2015). These techniques have been adapted for the Matrix and LASMIK laser physiotherapeutic devices, enabling to implement virtually all methods of laser intervention with maximum efficiency, aside from those presented in this publication.

For more information on the methodology of modern low level laser therapy refer to a special series “Effective Laser Therapy” (read more on our website The book is intended for physical therapists, specialists in the field of medical rehabilitation and balneology, and doctors of other clinical specialties.


Moskvin Sergey Vladimirovich – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Engeneering Sciences, Leading Researcher of FSBI “State Scientific Center of Laser Medicine of FMBA of Russia”, Moscow; e-mail:,

Kochetkov Andrey Vasilyevich – Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine and Deputy Director for Science and New Medical Technologies of Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Continuing Professional Education “Institute of Advanced Training of FMBA of Russia”, Moscow; e-mail: 


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