Картелишев А.В., Колупаев Г.П., Москвин С.В. и др.

Концепция и технологии этапной лазерной терапии и профилактики при психосоматической патологии

Картелишев А.В., Колупаев Г.П., Клюжев В.М., Москвин С.В. и др.

Главный военный клинический госпиталь им. акад. Н.Н. Бурденко, НИИ детской гематлогии МЗ РФ, ГНЦ социальной и судебной психиатрии им. В.П. Сербского МЗ РФ, ТОО "ФИРМА "Техника", РГМУ, г. Москва


The concept and new technologies of the therapie and the profilactic in the psychosomatics

Kartelishev A.V., Kolupaev G.P., Kljuszev V.M., Moskvin S.V., Vernekina N.S., Lakosina N.D., Chebotkov A.A., Suchov S.V., Jakovtchenko V.A.

We have found possible to designate algorithm of the scheme of courses combined (mandatory usage of red and infrared wave bands of laser light) LT, because in a number profile monographics of activities we explicitly publish individually programmed techniques and outcomes of a course laser therapie (LT) and laser preventive maintenance, in a scientific -  practical and methodical manual, which one are advised to issuing by a Section on physicochemical and laser medicine of Scientific advice Publi Healh services of Russia):

Medical course (not less than 10-12 procedures) - second medical course (if necessary and 3-4, with intervals between them 2-4-6 m. on personal parameters) - preventive course (after 4-6 m. after medical courses) - rehabilitational course (through 6-9 m.) - preventive (after 9-12 m.). It is necessary to point out, that this algorithmic diagram should serve a general management, and the operating solution of a problem of tactics in attitude concrete ill remains behind the specialist, to the main requirements to which one is the detailed vocational training of the psychiatrist on methodical aspects laserology and laserologist on psychiatry (the remaining versions are not permissible).

In summary we shall indicate, that our perennial experience allows strongly recommend and directly to demand the most broad intrusion of a laser therapie and laser preventive maintenance in psychiatric and psychosomatic practice, wherefore on combination of biomedical and clinical effects these not medicinal ways of treatment profile ill are indeed strategic reserve of medicine XXI of century.

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