Moskvin S.V.

Low-Level Laser Therapy for Herpesvirus Infections: A Narrative Literature Review

Sergey Vladimirovich Moskvin 

O.K. Skobelkin State Scientific Center of Laser Medicine Under the Federal Medical Biological Agency, Studencheskaya Str., 40, Moscow 121165, Russia


Introduction: Herpesvirus infection has a variety of clinical forms and is extremely widespread in the world while existing treatment methods are not always quite effective. The search for new treatment modalities is a relevant problem and numerous studies show the therapeutic effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on different herpesvirus types.

Methods: The mechanisms of laser light action and the impact of LLLT on the pathological pathways of herpes infections are described. A narrative review of the relevant papers is conducted.

Results: The reviewed studies confirm that LLLT is a potential prospective treatment method for patients infected with the herpesvirus. However, it is necessary to improve the methodology and optimize the combination of laser action with antiviral medications.

Conclusion: The review shows that it is most effective to combine laser impact on skin lesions with the application of topical antiviral gels or creams, additionally using a combined procedure of laser ultraviolet blood illumination (LUVBI, 365-405 nm) + intravenous laser blood irradiation (ILBI, 525 nm).

Keywords: Herpesvirus infection; Urogenital tract; Low-level laser therapy.

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