Moskvin S.V., Khadartsev A.A.

LASMIK laser biorevitalization: mechanisms and therapeutic experience

Sergey Vladimirovich Moskvin,1 Aleksandr Agubechirovich Khadartsev2

1The Federal State-Financed Institution “O.K. Skobelkin State Scientific Center of Laser Medicine under the Federal Medical Biological Agency” of Russia, Moscow;

2 Medical institute FSBEI of Higher Education “Tula State University”, Tula, Russia


LASMIK laser biorevitalization is a well-known technology developed in Russia that is based on laser phoresis as a method to enhance percutaneous penetration of substances.

The article describes the mechanisms that act here and factors that determine the optimal parameters of the technique. The research conducted for 2 years allowed to optimize the parameters of the laser phoresis technique, testing the LASMIK laser biorevitalization technology. Our findings indicate the stimulation of facial skin blood microcirculation and, consequently, an increase in the oxygen tension in the skin, oxygenation of the facial skin blood, and an increase in the trophic support to tissues. The skin becomes 5-15 years younger, a noticeable reduction of facial wrinkles is demonstrated.

The studies enabled to optimize the parameters of gels and laser exposure for the maximum efficiency of procedures that are in great demand both by cosmetologists and customers, due to non-invasiveness, simplicity and good results.

Key words: low-level laser therapy; laser phoresis; skin; rejuvenation.

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