Moskvin S., Pritiko D., Sergeenko E. et al.

A brief literature review and own clinical experience in prophylaxis of oral mucositis in children using low level laser therapy

Sergey Moskvin1,*, Denis Pritiko2, Elena Sergeenko2, Elena Lukash2, Leonid Gusev2

1O.K. Skobelkin State Scientific Center of Laser Medicine under the Federal Medical Biological Agency, Moscow, 121165, Russia
2 V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Scientific and Practical Center of Specialized Medical Care for Children of the Department of Health of Moscow, 119620, Russia

Objective: The article describes the experience of clinical application of low level laser therapy in pediatric oncology for the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy complications such as oral mucositis.

Background: For this purpose, for the first time in the world non-invasive laser blood illumination is used on the sinocarotid zone (on the projection of the common carotid artery symmetrically) and popliteal fossa in order to stimulate the phagocytic activity of leukocytes.

Methods: 25 children with different oncological diseases were given non-invasive laser blood illumination treatment (904 nm, pulse mode, 100 ns, 50-150 Hz, 5-7 W, 4 cm2, 1-2 minutes daily per each procedure) 1-3 days before the beginning of chemotherapy. For the objectification of the results of treatment, the phagocytic activity of leukocytes was evaluated.

Results: None of the children who underwent low level laser therapy course had any complications and no cases of oral mucositis developed.

Conclusions: Clinical experience has shown high efficacy and safety of low level laser therapy aimed at preventing the development of complications of chemotherapy, primarily oral mucositis, and stimulating the phagocytic activity of leukocytes.

Keywords: Pediatric oncology; Oral mucositis; Low level laser therapy; Laser blood illumination

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