Халястова Э.А., Москвин С.В.

Эффективность магнито- и лазеротерапии в лечении мочекаменной болезни с применением дистанционной ударно-волновой литотрипсии

Халястова Э.А., Москвин С.В.

Городская клиническая больница №1, г. Тольятти

НПЛЦ "Техника", г. Москва

Ключевые слова: мочекаменная болезнь, ударно-волновая литотрипсия, магнито- и лазеротерапия


Magnetolaser Therapy Efficiency in Urolithiasis Treatment Using Remote Shock -Wave Lithotripsy

E.A. Khalyastova, S.V. Moskvin

We analyzed the clinical efficiency of different types of conservative treatment of patients with urolithiasis (such as nonsteroid antiphlogistic therapy, amplipulse therapy and magnetolaser therapy) in combination with remote lithotripsy. The results of our analysis showed the advantages of magnetolaser therapy. This therapeutic approach increases the rate of concretion and kidney-stone fragment removal after remote lithotripsy. Furthermore, it decreases the rate of complications and curtails the inpatient holding time. The results obtained provide evidence for a more pronounced therapeutic effect of magnetolaser therapy on the concretion removal from the urinary tract as compared to traditional therapeutic techniques (such as pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy).

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